07 April 2013

Does This Chemical Make Me Look Fat?! More on Obesogens...

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Obesogens are chemicals that can inappropriately alter fat storage and change metabolic set-points. This disrupts energy balance and modifies your appetite to promote fat accumulation. Chemicals in your environment can certainly have an impact on your health and often your weight. Some of these exposures may occur before you’re born but there is still a lot that you can control! Exposure to obesogens don't necessary doom you to become overweight, but it's all the more reason  to consider ways to avoid exposure and regularly use neutraceuticals and whole foods to aid our body's natural detox mechanisms through our liver, kidneys and bowel.

Here's some easy ways to do a quick check of your home a to determine where your greatest exposures may be coming from.

Here's 12 simple changes that will significantly reduce your risks:
  1. Eat organic foods, especially the "dirty dozen" Researchers have found that it takes just five days of eating organic to rid the body of virtually all pesticide residues.
  2. Rather than eating conventional or farm-raised fish, which are often heavily contaminated with PCBs and mercury, supplement with a high-quality purified krill oil, or eat fish that is wild-caught and tested for purity.  My personal favorite is Wild Alaskan salmon.
  3. Avoid any flexible plastics whenever possible, especially in children's toys.
  4. Stop drinking out of plastic water bottles to avoid BPA.  Buy a reusable stainless steel or glass one instead.
  5. Use a good quality reverse osmosis or carbon filter in your home.
  6. Avoid using plastics with food or beverages
  7. Choose glass jars instead of storing your food in plastic containers.  Especially don't make the mistake of freezing or microwaving in plastic.
  8. Use natural toiletries and personal care items, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and other household products.  Start by cleaning up your make-up and body lotion... a good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't put in in your mouth, don't put it on your skin.
  9. Replace your non-stick pots & pans with ceramic or glass cookware
  10. Replace your vinyl shower curtain with one made of fabric or install a glass shower door 
  11. Get rid of your indoor plug-in air fresheners, candles and fabric softners.  These seemingly pleasants scents are often toxic chemicals and contribute to poor indoor air quality and may even cause breathing problems, such as asthma.
  12. Look for natural, chemical-free clothing, furniture, flooring, paint and other building supplies to use in your home


  1. Would you share the research regarding eating organic foods five days and eliminating pesticide residue? Thanks.

  2. Sure, here's the link to study on reducing children's exposure to pesticide by feeding them organic foods for 5 consecutive days and monitoring urine biomarkers for pesticide.


  3. Here's another great article on toxins and obesity = http://holisticprimarycare.net/topics/topics-a-g/chronic-disease/1486-environmental-toxins-a-hidden-factor-in-the-obesity-epidemic

  4. could you give me some more specifics in choosing cookware? Can I use ceramic? what else should I look for and what should I make sure I stay away from? Is there anything that is safe that doesn't stick when you cook in it? thanks

  5. Look for 100% PTFE free and PFOA free cookware. Ceramic is a good choice, as is glass. I use one from Green Earth by Ozeri and another by Orgreenic.

  6. What about stainless steel cookware like Farberware?

  7. Stainless cookware is a great non-toxic choice!

  8. Hi Dr. Jill,

    Thank you so much for your monumental assistance and wisdom. I just found out I have the genetic mutation C677T. It explains so much. I am positive to trichothecene mycotoxin, and my tests showed IGG to Aspergillius and Stacybotrys too. I take Amphi B intranasally, which is a big help. I am waiting for all tests to return before my Inf. Dis./ Mold Spec. will decide if she will give me another. anti-fungal. I lived in moldy homes my whole life and since this April I finally moved into a new construction mold free home. Since then my health quickly worsened. I am bedridden since Jan, due to feeling so weak, sick, and in pain pain pain. I lose my balance and have had many falls too. I am being tested for formaldehyde toxicity and will get a spinal tap to see if there is mold in my spinal fluid. I have suffered from IBS since childhood, fybromyalgia, constipation, Sinus Tach., severely immunosuppresed with 11 antibiotics in the past 14 months for bacterial infections, my mosquito bites from June have still not healed, etc., but lately my esophagus swells and I have projectile vomiting, my mouth has become misshapen as my mouth feels like it is being pulled- I wear 2 dental appliances now, my feet feel like they are tightly bound, and more. I am being tested for scleroderma, vitamin A toxicity, and so many others, For now prednisone is controlling the esophagus swelling. I am on S Acetyl Glutathione, N Acetyl Cysteine, PQQ for mitochondrial biogenesis, Ubiquinone soft gel CoQ10 so it is released in the small intestine to make it more useful, and of course probiotics, dig enzymes with all meals and many other supplements. I am on a low selenium, high sulphur diet based on my bloodtests. I am taking many of the supplements you have suggested to many people on your thread, except I need to switch the type of B vitamins and change my cookware.
    I supplement with rice protein shakes. Do you think Ultra Clear Plus by Metagenics or the Zymogen equivalent, where both are for imbalanced detoxifiers would be a good addition? Are there any other suggestions you might have for me? I also take famotadine for H2 receptor anti. RNA, diamine oxidase, minerals, live greens, and others. Each day is different, and I take one day at a time. When all tests are done I will get gamma globulin. I really want to take a walk.I got a walker with a seat! I got a cane with flowers on it and I wear fancy scarves to cover my cervical collar. I spend my time praying for others and doing volunteer computer work for spiritual centers. Life is precious Dr. Every moment of it is. Thank you for your time. I will pray for you too��������