21 August 2014

Why I'm a fan of Bulletproof Coffee...

Smell that coffee... mmmm!

I wake up around 4:50 am to the sound of my automatic Cuisinart coffee maker grinding fresh Upgraded coffee beans into the filter for a delicious fresh brew.   There is nothing better than rubbing your eyes, rolling out of bed, and padding across the cool hardwood to the kitchen as the amazing aroma of fresh brewed coffee fills the air.  Those pre-dawn hours are my absolute most productive and favorite time of day!
I thought I'd share a few of the things I've learned along the way for how to maximize the health benefits of your coffee.  I'm proud to say that I enjoy Upgraded beans because I can literally feel the difference in my mental clarity when I drink it instead of non-organic, pesticide laden, mycotoxin filled alternatives like Starbucks (oh, yes you heard me, right!).  While many of you may not be environmentally sensitive to chemicals like I am, you should really give it a try as the brain power you get from a cup of the really pure stuff will blow your mind!

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Travel Tips?

And when I travel I take along Upgraded coffee cartridges, empty one into a 16oz cup, and pour boiling hot water over it for an instant "french press" brew.  After letting it steep for 2-3 minutes, I pour the brewed coffee out into a new cup careful to leave the grinds in the old one and viola!... delicious amazing, mycotoxin-free coffee anytime, anywhere.  Last time I was in an airport asking for a large glass of hot water, the man on the barstool next to me asked if I was performing a science experiment!?  Haha!  I just smiled and said, "yes".   It didn't help that I dug in my purse and pulled out my travel vial of SweetLeaf English toffee stevia drops and a few shakes from a purse-size organic cinnamon powder which I also carry with me at all times.  I've become accustomed to the funny looks I get and I really don't even care ;-)

Upgraded Brain Octane Oil

My not-so-dirty little secret for amazing brain power at 5am!

Let me share with you my secret for 5am productivity like you've never experienced before.  After brewing a pot of this delicious black velvet, I add in a few little "brain helpers".  I was having coffee with a friend today and telling her about it so I thought I would write a blog and share with you, too.   You can get the Dave Asprey's original Bulletproof Coffee Recipe here but here is my version:

Dr. Jill's 5am Brain-Power Brew

  • Pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup full-fat organic unsweetened coconut milk into your favorite mug
  • Add fresh-brewed, hot Bulletproof coffee leaving 1/4 inch from top of mug
  • Add 5 drops of Sweet Leaf English Toffee or Vanilla stevia (if you like a carmel or vanilla "latte" flavor)
  • Add 1 teaspoon of Upgraded Brain Octane Oil 
  • Generously sprinkle organic cinnamon powder into your coffee
  • Add 1 scoop of Upgraded Collagen Powder and stir!  (you won't believe what the collagen will do for you joints and skin... truly amazing!)
  • If you like it frothy, you can whip it all up in a blender with heat-safe blades,  but I just drink mine as is.
  • If I'm feeling a little more adventurous, I'll might add a tablespoon of toasted organic shredded coconut in, too
Upgraded Collagen

A few cool facts about coffee

  1. Chronic coffee consumption may alter your gut microbes and is associated with lower body weight and lower percent body fat.
  2. This article discusses benefits of polyphenols, especially from coffee and cocoa, on your gut microbiome.
  3. The bioactive components in coffee may have synergistic effects on brain cognition.
  4. In this study, coffee decreased boredom and fatigue associated with repetitive tasks.
  5. Caffeine intake associated with improved working memory in middle aged males.
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