18 January 2015

Ten Tips to Protect Your Body from Toxic Chemicals

  1. Don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat! Avoid mainstream consumer skin care, cosmetics and personal care products, period! Need soap? Try natural brands like Dr Bronner's, Mrs. Meyers, Watkins or Nubain Heritage.
  2. Don't eat foods made with chemicals you can't pronounce. Read the ingredients labels. If the list of ingredients is too long and complex to figure out, it's probably made more with chemicals than actual food.
  3. Don't use unnecessary over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions. If you do need to use medication for short-term emergency use, be sure to detoxify your liver afterwards. I recommend Milk Thistle 250mg twice daily to protect the liver.
  4. Drink more water. Most people simply don't consume enough water to effectively remove toxins from their bodies. If you don't like water by itself, add sliced lemon, lime or cucumber to a pitcher of water and enjoy.
  5. Cleanse your body with parsley, chlorella or activated charcoal. All these substances can help cleanse your body and eliminate toxic substances that may be detrimental to your health. I use a bunch of parsley in my smoothie every day. I also use activated charcoal when traveling or if I'm exposed to food that may not be the safest.
  6. Don't use products that off-gas toxic chemicals in your home. Air fresheners, perfumed candles, particle board furniture, carpets, glues, etc. Get a high quality air filter to run 24/7 in your home, like mine from Austin Air
  7. Don't use non-stick cookware. These are the worst! Although they are very convenient to use and clean it emits toxic fumes when overheated. Invest in quality copper-clad stainless steel pans or cast-iron. You can also use ceramic coated ones, like this from Orgreenics. They last a lifetime and they don't contaminate your body with chemicals.
  8. Buy certified organic products. The USDA Organic Seal is a trusted seal that genuinely indicates organic quality (both in foods and personal care products). Don't be fooled by brand names that use the word "organics" in their name but aren't really organic. For example, "Joe-Bob's Organics" may or may not actually be organic.
  9. Get the chemical out of your laundry! Stop washing your clothes in toxic brand-name laundry detergents and fabric softeners or dryer sheets. It is astounding what chemicals these can contain. I prefer simple homemade detergents like this one from Wellness Mama.
  10. Do a 14-21 day detox least once a year. You can do this with a modified fast (eliminate gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, sugar, alcohol) combined with detox support. I routinely recommend using the delicious chocolate shake, Thorne Mediclear SGS to accomplish this. For a complete guide to your personalized detox, click here. You can order Mediclear at Thorne.com using code: HCP1004064

Stay healthy by staying informed. For more visit http://www.ewg.org/

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