21 April 2014

New website and blog! Check it out!

Hello everyone!
Thank you all for following the Functional Wisdom Blog.  I work very hard on bringing you the most interesting and up to date topics in functional medicine.  I want to introduce you to my brand new website and my new blog, which has archives of all your favorite articles.

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Wishing you many blessings for health and healing!

Dr Jill


  1. I have been diagnosed in the past with fibromyalgia, migraines, infertility, 2 miscarriages, hypertension, palpitations, Menieres disease in 2011 and nutritional deficiencies in 2013(carnitine, cysteine, glutamine, manganese, copper, biotin, B5 And now MTHFR 1298 homozygous through a wellness doctor. Just started taking methylated injections. Question I have is before I was diagnosed with MTHFR I had botox injections for chronic migraines earlier this month. I feel terrible after the injections. I feel muscle weakness all over, dizzy, feel faint. Could MTHFR cause this reaction due to the botox toxin?

  2. Hi Amonymous - the gene MTHFR does not "cause" a reaction but it may make you more sensitive to ingredients in the injection or have trouble breaking down histamine if you do have a reaction.
    Dr Jill