07 May 2014

The Thyroid Summit

Your thyroid plays a part in nearly every metabolic process and when the thyroid isn’t working you won’t feel well! If you already suffer from thyroid disfunction or suspect that this little gland may play a role in your health, you will want to hear this great info!

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Dr. Jill will be interviewed among 30+ World Leading Experts during 

The Thyroid Summit - June 2-9, 2014
This is truly an amazing opportunity to access to great experts and free advice!

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  1. Saw your tags for MTHFR, does it specifically cover MTHFR defects?

  2. I am not sure if my other posts made it. Apologize if duplicate. I recently found I have c677t and a1298. This was after I just had thyroid removed in may due due follicular cancer. I was also just dx with eoe of which my throat closes up with milk.high cholesterol I have always been healthy. Eat healthy and heathy habits. I recently started b12 shots. Vit d and fish oil. I would like an alternative to the shots. Is there any subligual equally effective?. And any other suggestions are greatly appreciated